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The Altar (2023)

Performance art installation exploring the manifestation of trauma in the body after sexual assault. 


What I did: Everything!

Developed with/Directed by Bailey Nassetta

Production Assistance by Jacob Washington

Produced with generosity from family/friends/colleagues

Second Floor Studios (NYC)

Special Thanks to: MFTA



12 video collage loops, each pertaining to a specific site of pain on Lucy's body, surround her physical form: a manifestation of the suppression of expression after sexual assault. Bound by her silence, she gives birth to Brad.


Headpiece: swim cap, headlamp, plastic, human hair, raffle tickets; Mouthpiece: bubble wrap, paint, microphone headset; Corset: chicken wire, tape, leather, chrome auto trim, rope; Under Garments: hand painted cotton button up and denim mini skirt, bodysuit encasing Brad puppet; Leg piece (L): chicken wire, tape, aluminum foil, rope, Jeffrey Campbell shoe; Leg piece (R): hand painted injury boot



Performance: Mattress surrounded by 12 laptops resting on furniture encased with plastic sheets and bubble wrap; Process: Recreation of our work studio with developmental material hung on wall; Procedure: 12 1-minute video collage loops


Lucy gives birth to Brad: 5 lb weight, padding, human hair, googly eyes, hand painted baseball cap, lacrosse penny, rope, tape


Video Collage

12 1-minute video collage loops using found footage (mostly); editing assistance by Bailey Nassetta

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