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Lucy does Art

My Work

I am a performer, producer, writer, and designer, working in various techniques, including puppet, sculpture, video collage, sound, scenic, and costume design. My overarching aim is to carve out realms for expression, interaction, and liberation within human connections. Despite often delving into dark themes, my work serves as a beacon guiding audiences toward a future illuminated by love and acceptance, employing elements of comedy, absurdism, and beauty. My work resides at the intersection of drag, clowning, audience participation, and aesthetics, championing the idea that art, particularly theatrical performance, thrives in a collaborative environment where the success of one hinges upon the collective achievements of all.

I am driven by the belief that societal transformation, particularly in dismantling oppressive structures, necessitates community, optimism, and compassion. I strive to depict not only the current state of societal issues but also envision a future where these dynamics undergo positive shifts. By fostering a collective vision of change and utilizing teamwork as a catalyst, I create spaces that encourage self-expression, nurture the inner child, and pave the way for healing and evolution.

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