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Bradaret (2022)

Brad saves his soul.

What I did: Everything! 

Production Assistance/Developed with/Directed by Bailey Nassetta

Music Direction/Composition/Supervision by Robert Fernandez

Technical Assistance by Michael Galligan 

Playwrights Downtown (NYC)



Immersive one person cabaret about a lax bro named Brad and his journey in becoming a feminist masculine hero. Drag, media, Shakespeare and bell hooks’ The Will to Change serve as critical tools used to explore one question: What could change look like?


Coach: sock, whistle, paint, tape, 

pipe cleaner

Macho Man Land Lady: blowup

doll, wig, tattoo sleeve, coconut

bra, plastic bag bikini bottom

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 3.42.24 PM.png


Each audience member was a designated character that had significant meaning in Brad's life; along his journey of change, they played "Head's Up" to help Brad learn the word "patriarchy" and sang together, defeating Macho Brad with the power of team work 

Production Design

Cardboard, balloons, paint, projections, costumes, name tags, and fake mustaches for audience, tinsel, mirror

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