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Solo Performance

August 2023

The Altar

Lucy gives birth.


Interactive installation and performance (1 hour)

Facilitated/directed by Bailey Nassetta

Presented at Second Floor Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

12 video collage loops, each pertaining to a specific site of pain on Lucy's body, surround her physical form: a manifestation of the suppression of expression after sexual assault. Bound by her silence, she gives birth to Brad, a character she uses to process her past (see below). 


Intended to be 12 hours, this piece in its entirety will investigate all 12 locations of trauma in 12 acts of worship, culminating in the synchronization of physical and emotional expression.

2022-06-30 20.JPG

July 2022

A fetus asks the Supreme Court, "Why are you so obsessed with me?" 

Interactive installation and performance (3 hours)

Collaboration with Bailey Nassetta/Produced by WWTNS? for Pro-Abortion Fundraiser

Audience interact with a dummy representing Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett, Clarence Thomas, and Brett Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court following their decision to overturn Roe v. Wade by choosing one: Strangle, Deface, or Write. They sign their work and leave. Finally, the fetus gives the dummy a lap dance and blowjob, castrates its confetti gun penis, and ejaculates it over the audience.

June 2022

Bradaret: an invited rehearsal to a workshop of a healing in process

Brad saves his soul.

Interactive performance (75 minutes) 

Directed by Bailey Nassetta

Music Supervision by Robert Fernandez

Bradaret (an invited rehearsal to a workshop of a healing in process) is an immersive one person cabaret about a lax bro named Brad and his journey in becoming a feminist masculine hero. Drag, media, Shakespeare and bell hooks’ The Will to Change serve as critical tools used to explore one question: What could change look like?


October 2019

The Raffle

Cowboy goes through a transformation. 

Interactive Performance (15 minutes)

Directed by Bailey Nassetta 

Produced by WWTNS? for New York Fringe Festival

The Cowboy is a happy-go-lucky fella who grew up on a ranch way out west. His family, a collection of sticks he carries around in his pocket, never understood him. He dreams of a life in which he can be free to be who he is deep down: The Rhinestone Cowboy. Alongside his best pal, Lavender, The Cowboy tells his story.

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