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 Devised Work



BIRDBRAINS is a Bouffon-inspired loose adaptation of Aristophanes’ Frogs. Devised by an ensemble through physicality and featuring a live synthesizer score, Birdbrains is an immersive, unhinged, and surreal physical performance. Initially developed at Irondale Center and Upper Jay Art Center (Winter 2019), this piece was presented at The Deep End, now Liminal Space NYC (May 2019).

Written by Michael Galligan

Directed by Bailey Nassetta

Devised by Lucy Livingston, Julio Saenz, Justin Picado, Sam Metzger, and Malena Pennycook

Original Composition and Performance by Robert Fernandez

January 2019 - Initial development - Irondale Center

March 2019 - Creative Residency - Upper Jay Art Center 

May 2019 - Performance - The Deep End (now Liminal Space)

Missing 411

still from performance.jpg
Devised Work

MISSING 411: INTO THE VOID is an evolving interdisciplinary performance piece based in horror-comedy. Developed and performed as part of a creative residency at the Upper Jay Art Center (Feb 2020/21), its iterations have since been presented at Cincinnati Fringe Festival (Puffin Foundation Grant Recipient/May 2021) and Providence Fringe Festival (July 2021).

In its original form, this piece blends live performance and projected film within a three-story building, using windows as visual sightlines and radio transmission to broadcast sound. The performers tell the story to audiences in parked cars from across a busy intersection in a global-health-dystopian take on the drive-in movie experience.

Borrowing source material from the CanAm Missing Project and Missing411 community on Reddit, this piece parodies this world of disappearance through horror and physical comedy.

Directed by Bailey Nassetta

Devised and performed by Michael Galligan, Lucy Livingston, Justin Picado, Sam Metzger, and Julio Saenz

Original composition by Robert Fernandez

Produced by Michael Galligan and Lucy Livingston

Feb 2020 - Initial Development - Upper Jay Art Center 

Feb 2021 - Residency and Performance - Upper Jay Art Center 

May 2021  - VOD Presentation - Cincinnati Fringe Festival 

July 2021 - Live Presentation - Providence Fringe Festival 

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